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Benefits of Top Soil in Gardening

There are various benefits of topsoil in gardening. After adding topsoil to your garden your plants will automatically grow healthier and faster. It many good qualities and you will not regret putting it in your garden. It has a number of nutrients that are essential for growth of your crops. If your crops are sick due to lack of adequate nutrients just add topsoil and I assure you that they will grow even better than they were before. Here are some of the benefits of topsoil in gardening :
It has plenty of nutrients. Depending on where your garden is located, the nutrients available in topsoil vary from one place to another. In areas where the nutrients are less you an add fertilizer since topsoil retains a lot of minerals and prevents them from leaching. Nutrients are required by plants in various processes such as photosynthesis and they get all the nutrients needed from topsoil. These nutrients also prevent plants from getting diseases caused by nutrient deficiency.

It retains moisture. Once water has been absorbed in soil. The topsoil protects the roots and prevents moisture from evaporating from soil. This is very essential since the water is used by the plants in many of its processes. The prevention of excess loss of water by evaporation is a really important factor of topsoil. It helps mainly in times where rain does not fall for a long time since the moisture that was retained in the soil is now used by plants hence plants don’t die during these droughts.
It also helps in drainage. Topsoil is adequately porous hence it has good drainage qualities. If there is a big storm and your garden floods you do not have to worry about your plants dying due to suffocation since topsoil allows the excess water to drain easily and go deep in soil where it is stored for later use. You should mix topsoil with your soil and apply it on top if you want the best drainage. The good drainage prevents diseases caused by dampness of the area for your plants and also you since good drainage prevents breeding of mosquitoes.

Adds microbes to the soil. Soil microbes are essential in breaking down organic matter in soil to humus which has various nutrients to soil hence very helpful in the growing of plants. Since the value of topsoil lessens after some time you should buy more topsoil and apply it to soil so that your plants always have a place in which they draw in nutrients that they require for their growth and survival.

Plants grow healthier due to topsoil. Due to abundant supply of nutrients by topsoil, adequate amounts of oxygen, soil microbes and good drainage plants tend to grow healthier, stronger and faster. They have a good ability to resist diseases and to support a higher amount of crops. The topsoil helps plants to flourish and they will give you the best yield and also get the best price in the market. From the above benefits I recommend that you apply topsoil to your soil for better results.

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