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Naruto Online Level 55 – Ninja Exam

A must-play online Naruto MMORPG of fans, Naruto Online is now live! Here, you may collect your chosen ninjas, apply amazing mystery skills, follow from the footsteps of Naruto and go through the legendary tale yourself.

Naruto Online Level 55 – Ninja Exam. Midnight Blade Tips

Round 1: Use Neji’s Mystery skill jutsu on Tsunade several times to cause damage. Naruto uses standard attack and combos. Everybody else uses standard attacks until Tsunade is defeated.

Round 2: Use standard attacks against Tsunade in order to this round.In MMORPG Game If Naruto needs a Critical Hit, restart because his damage is just too big serious to keep.

Round 3: Tsunade makes use of her Mystery skill jutsu. Use Midnight Blade to finish her skills. Use Zabuza’s Mystery skill jutsu on her behalf too. Naruto uses combos to carry Tsunade.

Katsuyu enters the match after Tsunade’s defeat

Round 1: Use Naruto to generate some shadow clones. Katsuyu’s attack visits the clones. Continue using standard attacks till the round is cleared.

Round 2: Katsuyu uses his Mystery skill jutsu. Use Neji to absolve his skills. Your other units use standard attacks before round is cleared.

Keep repeating the last strategy to pass the particular level. You can end Katsuyu’s skill once every two rounds. Use Naruto’s clones to resist Katsuyu’s damage.
In Naruto Online, obtaining and giving you better equipment is many of cultivating your battle strength. For instance, installing a magatama on your own equipment can multiply its base attributes. Magatamas are split into 9 levels as outlined by their qualities. Every four common magatamas is usually combined to create one higher-level magatama, e.g., four Level 3 magatamas form one Level 4 magatama. Magatamas may also be classified in line with their enhancement attributes: Life, Attack, Defense, Ninjutsu, and Resistance, which correspond to the forehead, weaponry, armors, scrolls, and accessories, respectively.

Using magatamas is just about the pathways to enhancing a player’s battle strength. The so-called magatama is in reality a gem which helps you increase power. So, how can you get magatamas?

Method 1: Ninja Exams
You get yourself a magatama whenever you pass a quantity. The more levels you pass, the larger level the magatama you receive.

Method 2: Group Wheel
You could also acquire magatamas by spinning the Lucky Wheel inside Group System. The first spin through the day is for free. After that, you have to pay group contributions as a way to spin.

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